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Joker's Jewel

Joker Jewels is the purest slot game. You don't need to figure out any complicated mechanisms. There are no wilds or scatter rewards that are activated wildly, so you won't be confused about what just happened. It's just you and the turntable, nothing more.

First, you need to choose a bet that suits you. To start all operations here, just press the plus or minus signs on both sides of the spinner on the right side of the screen. This will activate a small pop-up window. There are 2 values; one is used to indicate how many coins you have bet on each of the 5 betting lines in the game, and the other is used to indicate the value of these coins. Simply use 2 values ​​until you are satisfied with the total bet (you can see it at the bottom of this pop-up window). The minimum total bet you can play is 0.05 chips and the maximum is 25 chips. When you are satisfied with your bet, just spin it to see if it is the winner. If a rotation is too fixed for you, the game also has some autoplay controls, which can be found in the pop-up window below the rotation. You can choose 6 kinds of rotation times, and you can also choose fast rotation or turbo rotation options to make the shaft fly over. If these conditions are met, there are many controls that can cancel automatic rotation. They are the perfect choice for those who still want to retain full control of the game but don't always focus on the game.

The game has many other settings. On the bottom left, you can find some audio and game settings and paytables. The paytable provides you with more information about each symbol, payline and winning conditions.